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The Wastewater Discharge from the Silverhawk Utilities Inc. Treatment Plant is regulated by the Ministry of Environment in accordance with the Municipal Sewage Regulation. As Silverhawk Utilities Inc. is a private Sewer Utility, the Rates for Sewer Service are not regulated by a governing body.

As with most Municipal Sewer Services, Silver Star is served by a single utility.  Such utilities operate on the basis of taking in sufficient revenue through service billings to cover operating costs with a nominal contribution to overhead. The purpose is to neither make a profit, out of line with the industry, nor sustain a loss.

Since assuming responsibility for the sewer utility, Silverhawk has endeavored to set rates following the same principles used by regulated utilities throughout North America such as the American Public Works Association, the American Society of Civil Engineers, and the Water Pollution Control Federation.

Those principles provide for inclusion of return on investment and depreciation allowances in the operating costs, upon which rates are based, similar to other types of businesses. Silverhawk has always deferred these allowances, in order to reduce the rates charged for sewer service.


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